MFT - sozialer Verantwortung & Umweltbewusstsein

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MFT - sozialer Verantwortung & Umweltbewusstsein

We are open for the new

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We appreciate the trust that is placed in us and our products every day. To remain a responsible and attractive employer in the future is important to us .

Social responsibility

With our products we not only want to inspire our customers, but also to improve the quality of life of the people in our region. In our CSR guidelines, we commit ourselves, among other things, to the observance of human rights, equal opportunities, fair working conditions and high standards of occupational health and safety. At the same time, we take on particular social responsibility - not only within the company but also beyond, by cooperating closely with local associations and institutions.


For us, sustainability means securing the company's long-term success. Environmental protection is seen as an important part of the company's goals. We are aware that, despite all efforts, our activities affect the environment. It is therefore our job to minimize these impairments. Not only do we want to meet the legal requirements, we also want to continuously improve environmental protection and the conservation of resources. Since 2014 we own the Saxon Trade Energy Pass.

We are open for the new - and for all people.

MFT wants to serve the future needs of our customers at the highest level. For this we need qualified, committed and motivated specialists. In addition to the professional qualifications, each new employee brings with him additional qualities that enrich our company in many ways. We are convinced that the best ideas can only be developed and implemented with openness, respect and tolerance for each other. Discrimination against employees in any form is therefore not permitted, as is discrimination based on gender, skin color, disability, union membership, sexual orientation, political beliefs, origin and religion.

Our company stands for cosmopolitan and internationally integrated action, fed by the trust of national and international customers.

You can view our full corporate policy here.

Company policy/principles/guideline

Safe compliance with legal requirements and our own standards is the basis of the integrated management system.

The corporate policy is regularly reviewed and adapted to new developments.

Evidence-based decision-making is the rule.

Guidelines and corporate policy are binding for all employees.

Parallel to the responsibility of the individual for quality, the environment, resource conservation and safety, this responsibility is defined in the various functions and organizational units.

The respective superiors are responsible for the implementation by deriving corresponding objectives and monitoring their achievement.

MFT GmbH has a process for the continuous improvement of all processes.

The currently valid version of the principles for quality, environment and energy are available to all employees.

Quality policy/principles/guideline

The quality policy is defined by the quality principles.

We want satisfied customers. We achieve this with products whose quality meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers.

We see the pursuit of zero-defect quality as an obligation for every individual - from the managing director to the trainee.

Our guidelines and processes are based on international standards, customer requirements, our knowledge and experience.

Their knowledge and binding compliance are the basis for our quality.

Error prevention has priority over error elimination. For us, quality means doing things right from the start and continuously improving our processes. Process quality reduces costs and increases competitiveness.

Our suppliers make a significant contribution to the quality of our products. We therefore place the same high quality demands on them as we do on ourselves.

Environmental and energy policy/principles/guideline

The environmental and energy policy is defined by the environmental and energy principles.

Our goal is the continuous improvement of operational environmental performance. Compliance with all laws and regulations and other binding obligations (e.g. compliance with bans on substances in the automotive industry) is a basic requirement for our actions. An open dialogue with customers, authorities and the public is important to us.

Environmental protection affects all employees. Through training, we achieve a high level of environmental awareness. Our suppliers are integrated into our operational environmental protection.

We act with foresight: through preventive environmental protection, the entire production process, from the raw material to the finished product, takes place in consideration of the determined environmental and energy aspects.

An existing emergency concept guarantees safe action in exceptional situations.

Through targeted measures, we conserve resources, minimize emissions and avoid waste.

Of particular importance is the constant improvement of energy-related performance in the planning and implementation of our processes.

One of our long-term energy goals is to increase energy efficiency by raising energy awareness among employees and by using energy-efficient production facilities. The procurement of energy-efficient products and services supports the achievement of energy goals.

We are committed to protecting the environment and avoiding environmental pollution.

Internal and external audits serve to check the effectiveness of our environmental and energy management system and to identify potential for improvement.

Contribution to effectiveness

Take your job seriously. We can all and are committed to making a contribution to the continuous improvement of our management systems.

Think about the impact of your quality, environmental and energy efficiency choices.

Stick to the guidelines.

Their cooperation and immediate reaction is necessary when they detect deviations (quality, environment and energy efficiency).

Inform your supervisor about dangers and identified risks.

Avoid excessive energy consumption through unnecessary use.

Your suggestions for improvement ensure that we achieve our goals and continue to develop.

All of us in our company have a duty to minimize the negative impact on our environment. This includes the careful use and handling of resources. Efficiently designed and mature processes reduce waste and emissions.

Oliver Heldt

Managing Director

MFT - sozialer Verantwortung & Umweltbewusstsein