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Shaft machining

Tailor-made complete solutions for your individual application.


As a manufacturer of camshafts, we process more than 30 different camshaft types in several stages by using modern CNC technology. In addition to the complete production of camshafts made from cast blanks (spheroidal graphite and shell casting), forged blanks or bar stock including hardening, the range of services also includes the grinding of assembled camshafts or individual cam elements. Different cam and form elements can be realized. For our customers, we process a wide range of standard and special materials on our modern processing machines.

Built camshafts

We supply built camshafts, which are characterized by the properties of high torsional and bending stiffness. Built camshafts are used because of their mechanical properties in car engines in wide engine variance. In the production of these camshafts, a high precision with reduced material usage is achieved. At the same time, built-in camshafts have a positive effect on the production costs due to their lower production costs during machining.

Forged camshafts

We manufacture the production of camshafts from forging material from prototype production to series production. From the processing of the blanks to the ready-to-install component we manufacture on modern and partly fully automatic production plants with consistently high quality. In this case, a variety of hardening processes are applicable in the production.

Cast camshafts

We convert the production of camshafts from casting material from prototype production to series production. In particular, we manufacture camshafts with areas already hardened on the blank to meet the high demands of rolling contact. Cast-iron camshafts can be made from solid or hollow cast shafts to save weight.

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